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The Beginners Guide To Painting A Paint By Numbers Canvas

We think that painting your own DIY Canvas can be an exceptionally therapeutic and rewarding experience and at the end of it, you get something new to await your house.

You may have gotten something enjoyable from our Paint By Numbers/ DIY Canvas collection and also are now asking yourself to on your own, "What is the very best way to repaint my new canvas?". Thankfully, we've put together a convenient novices guide to painting a DIY Canvas to obtain you began.

Some helpful ideas before you start:

  • Find a perfectly lit location to begin on your painting so you can see your work clearly.
  • Ensure your surface is shielded - a plastic table cloth or some newspaper will work well.
  • Have a container of water close by to cleanse your brushes in between shades.
  • Also, make certain to have a cloth or some paper towel to dry your brushes in between washes.

Next we can start the painting procedure ... For various other overviews examine below: masterpiece by numbers


We have actually discovered it functions best to paint every one of one number (shade) before going on to another number (shade). This can be done on the entire canvas or you can complete small areas (with all the numbers) at a time.

This is an individual preference - do you want the entire painting to find together uniformly or would you like sections to be completed?


Before starting one more number (color), let the paint dry entirely or you run the risk of smearing.

Tidy your brushes whenever you are done painting or finished with a shade. Usage warm (not warm) water and a light soap. Laundry thoroughly enough to ensure that no color runs onto a cloth or paper towel. This will certainly likewise avoid any kind of shades mixing or bleeding into each other. Let the brushes dry prior to making use of or it will certainly make the paint thin and also it may run.


It may take an additional layer of paint to cover the numbers completely. It functions better if you do a couple of light layers as opposed to one thick coat. Enable drying time in between layers.

Another painting pointer for your DIY Canvas, is to begin at the top and function your means down, working on the smallest locations first, as this will certainly assist protect against smudging the paint with your hand!


If you require to, use a magnifying glass to paint the smaller sized, more difficult areas.

If you're a full painting novice, practice some brush strokes on a piece of paper to obtain utilized to just how much or exactly how little paint you will certainly need on your brush. This will save you from reviewing any type of borders or putting on excessive paint on your actual canvas.

Do not rush your painting, provide plenty of drying out time in between colors and also repaint very carefully to stay clear of mistakes. It will be worth it ultimately!



Enable your painting to completely dry before mounting your finished canvas. We have our own framing kits at Addicted Paint By Numbers, that consist of whatever you require to build a durable frame in minutes or acquisition one at your neighborhood craft store.